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The Chief Stoker - Chapter two
Chapter one: draconian-satirist.deviantart.…

A few years later, after Alan saves Barley's life, he renames the boy Isa and leaves his life on the S.S.Erlandia behind, but their past tries to come back and haunt them after Alan meets an old friend and he resumes his work on the S.S.Mary Joyce...

Please feel free to visit my co-author VixyyFox… and her submission of the same chapter over on Furaffinity…
The Chief Stoker - Chapter one by Draconian-Satirist
The Chief Stoker - Chapter one
1906 and the S.S. Erlandia docks in to Falmouth, Cornwall, to take on supplies and to give the crew on board a chance to have a good old fashioned 'run ashore'.  Unfortunately for the Scottish chief stoker, Alan Blackman, fate has other things in mind.

- - - - - - - - - -

Written in alternating turns by myself and my good friend, Vixyyfox of FA (…) on a project that we are continuing on as a novel, in good time.
Please feel free to visit the same submission by Vixyy over on FA:… and offer her your immortal soul condolences at having the misfortune to work alongside me.


Steve Kaye
United Kingdom
Okay, I'll play...

First twelve (if I get that many) comments I'll pick three pieces from your gallery that I like and post them in this journal

As I've stolen this from :icondcleadboot: They get slot number 1 in this journal...

1. :icondcleadboot:
Sleepytime - Spencer by DCLeadboot Alex the... Badger? by DCLeadboot Normington Coat of Arms by DCLeadboot

2. :iconoy19:

Show and TellIt had been another boring Friday at college, and he was glad when he could finally collapse onto his bed. Lying on his back, staring at the ceiling he let out a long sigh and found himself drifting off to sleep, his eyelids slowly closing.

He jumps up, quickly looking around, looking for the loud noise that had invaded his near-sleep state. His heart is pounding in his chest and he’s breathing quickly. He starts to calm down as he realises that he’s in his room and that he had fallen asleep. Reaching across to his bedside table, he picks up his ringing mobile phone. Looking at the name, he sighs.
“Oh great, that just who I need to talk to.” He muttered to himself.
He presses the answer button, knowing that he won’t stop calling him if he doesn’t.
“Hello.” He says
“Hello, hello, Jack. John here.”
“Yeah, I know, I read your name on the phone.”
“Ah yes. Anyway, coming out tonight?”
“Ugh, nah…I got stuf
 Sisters - Coloured by Oy19 Cult of the BeastCult of the Beast
There were three quick, yet small, taps at his door.
He looked up from his paperwork and glanced at the figure behind the frosted glass, seeing if it was someone he knew. He didn't know the person, so he decided to stay behind his desk.
"Come in." he said
A short-ish man, with a faded blue shirt, denim jeans entered the room. His first impressions of the man were interesting. He seemed a little on edge and jittery, and yet he could tell that this was only because something was obviously wrong. He seemed to have an air of slight authority. Nothing intimidating, but it said 'here I am, don't ignore me and I won't ignore you'. He respected that.
He stood up from is chair and extended his hand. The man reached forward and shook it.
Nice firm grip too.
"Nice to meet you Mrů?"
"James New."
"Nice to meet you Mr New. Please, sit down." He said, sitting down himself.
The man sat and almost immediately started to shuffle around.
"So, how can I he

3. :iconshadowdymond11:
<da:thumb id="305004801"/> <da:thumb id="299913408"/>

4. :iconchocolatechilla:

Feed it love by Chocolatechilla Lost by Chocolatechilla A little bit of darkness by Chocolatechilla


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